AAS, Spectro-photometers, pH, Cond, Turbidity and many more

Laboratory Instruments

Highest quality of AAS, a wide range of Spectrophotometer, Microscopes, pH and Conductivity Meters, Balances, Baths, Incubators, etc are offered at very reasonable prices.

All types of Flow Meters

Flow Measurement

Ultrasonic, Impeller Flow Meters, Turbine type, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters, Electromagnetic, Nutating disc, Oval gear, Vortex Flow Meters, Oscillating Piston, Lube Measurement and Control Valves-a wide range of Flow Meters for variety of applications.

Dry Cal Technology

Primary Gas Flow Calibrators

For Industry, Lab & Environmental Applications

Gas Dilution, Calibration System

Gas Mixers, Blenders,

Gas Mixers, Gas Dilution and Calibration Systems. The gas mixes can be used in generating precise gas calibration standards, creating gaseous atmospheres or producing gas mixes for analytical research or production purposes.

Multimeters, Anemometers, Water Testing Hand Held Instruments

Test & Measuring Instruments

High-value, handheld test instruments for all field applications including NDT and Water testing and ucts that offer unique and patented designs with features, functions and reliability at an affordable price.

Water Testing Instruments

Multi Parameter Water testing Instruments for Field, Portable and Laboratory including hand held.

Multi parameter Instruments for water testing. Range includes hand Held, bench Top and Online Instruments for all most all parameters in water. Over and above, soil testing, meters are also available.

Moisture Measurement Instruments

Moisture Analysers

VORTEX introduces a new range of Moisture Measuring Instruments with the state of art technology sensors manufactured by Phymetrix, USA.

Mass Flow & Vacuum Instruments

Mass Flow and Controllers, Vacuum Instruments

Reliable, Mass Flow Meters and Controllers and Vacuum Instrumentation

Welcome to VORTEX

VORTEX is a prominent Engineering and Distribution Company. VORTEX's business is highly diversified across products and services, geographic regions and customer segments. The company offers productsts from a wide range of manufacturers, to a large number of customers primarily in India, Neighboring Countries and other locations.

VORTEX's principal customers are major Power Plants, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical, Steel Plants, Fertilizers, Food Processing, Universities and Research Institutes, Governmental Agencies, Environmental Testing Organizations, Turn Key Contractors, OEM Engineering firms etc across the entire Industry segments.

VORTEX distributes a diversified product mix, including State of the Art instruments for measuring, monitoring of stack, Gas, Air, Moisture, Flow, vacuum, Mass flow, Water, etc, and laboratory products and supplies.

VORTEX supports its customers by providing technical services and laboratory bench top delivery. VORTEX maintains operations across the length and breadth of this vast country through various branch locations and network of Dealers.

VORTEX has attained expertise through extensive experience and a team of dedicated technically qualified people to build the state of the art sampling systems for various critical applications. Hundreds of Vortex built systems are working satisfactorily across the country with most prestigious installations.

We are also in the process of establishing calibration laboratory for various analytical instruments for various applications like moisture, flow, mass flow, Electrical Measuring Instruments etc.

Ability to change and long sighted ethical business standards have enabled VORTEX to become a leading dynamic Company in the Country. In the face of continuous change we bring in the latest and the best but our core values have remained constant: Commitment to high ethical standards, ultimate customer satisfaction and treating people with respect.

VORTEX also takes up turn key jobs for establishing Laboratories for large Power Plants. VORTEX has executed many such projects.

Calibration Services

Vortex has developed facilities of repairs and calibration Mass Flow Meters and controllers. Hastings Mass Flow Meters and controllers can now be calibrated at our new setup. Download Form


Primary Gas Flow Calibrators for industry, lab & environmental applications

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